On this page you can access articles on the fundamental truths of the Bible, which have been arranged systematically. These studies provide a system of God¹s thinking ­ pulled from the narrative of Scripture ­ for us to know how He has spoken into all these areas of life.

It is important to remember that theological training does not equal discipleship. If all we do is go through a curriculum with someone, we have only done a portion of what God has called us to do. We cannot just learn theology. We have to also pour our lives into others in relationship and develop disciples who are ministering to culture. Please see the Discipleship Primer for more information on the Relationship and Ministry components of discipleship.

Keep in Mind: As Christians, we do not have the luxury of first learning and maturing in our understanding of God and then living it out. It is a simultaneous task, being new-creations in process; so we must balance between knowing the theological and applying the practical in our walks with Christ.

In light of this reality, as you are training yourself and your disciple with these theological truths, please do not feel restricted to do so in the order that is arranged.

Some of these studies are more practical; others are more theological. Use your discernment as to which ones you study and digest first.

Other Resources

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