Have Some Fun Together

Eric Russ

In the past, I thought the relationship would happen as I consistently trained the person I am discipling. Now, I think that is partially true based on the personality of your disciple. Some people don’t need as much personal hang out time. However, it seems that all of us need some personal hangout time. Please be just as intentional with scheduling pauses within your time to hang out just as you are about evangelism. These hang out times help build intimacy, they slow the pace a little, and many times they foster great teachable moments where you gain insight into how to serve your disciple.

Below is a list of fifteen activities that might be fun to do on a day out together:  

1. Do your quite time together at a coffee shop
2. Go for a walk or bike ride
3. Try a new restaurant together
4. Help your disciple complete a task i.e. plant flowers in the yard, rearrange their closet, fix plumbing etc.
5. If they are married, consider a double date
6. Go out out for dessert
7. Exercising together
8. Find out what extracurricular activities they enjoy and participate in that activity i.e. basketball, frisbee golf, fixing cars etc.
9. Miniature golf
10. Play a card or strategy game at a coffee shop
11. Movies are fun but obviously there is no time to talk during the movie, so think about scheduling the meeting time earlier in order to hang out beforehand.
12. Go Bowling
13. Girls can get a pedicure together
14. Cook a meal together
15. Do a craft project for women or a building project for men.