The First Thirty Meetings – The List

Eric Russ

A Sample Discipleship Plan 

Below is a sample discipleship plan of thirty meetings. The first three meetings have been fleshed out during the last three blogs. 

Please exercise great freedom when thinking about how to serve those you are discipling. However, within that freedom, I strongly recommend a plan. A plan helps to ensure that your meeting times stay balanced. Without planning it is easy to talk about theology, bible study or just hang out. Almost every time, without planning, ministering to our neighbors gets neglected. Planning helps you do what’s right not just what you like. Balance is key as we define discipleship and make discipleship an issue in our culture. 

I have provided a terms section below. My desire is to ensure that you understand what I am thinking when I use these terms in developing a plan for disciples. I hope this is helpful for you as you think of what plan you will make for your disciple(s). 


Extended Prayer- I assume you are praying together during each meeting. However, it is important to cultivate a heart of prayer for yourself and those you disciple. Try to spend select meetings where you dedicated a large amount of your time together to prayer. 

Theology- Study a foundation document i.e. Meaning of your decision or The Holy Spirit (Please see Resource page)

Relationship- Ensure that there is specific time given to ask questions about their personal life, struggles, joy. This is a time where you are intentionally learning about each other 

Character- As the relationship matures character issues will come up. This is the time to research the scripture about areas such as passivity, arrogance, manipulation, addictions etc. 

Ministry- Service and Evangelism is probably the hardest discipline for many. Make sure you are intentionally developing a plan on how you will engage your community and then stick to it prayerfully. 

Vision Time- When we train others it is extremely important to stop and encourage your disciple on how they are growing in the Lord. Spend time letting them know how God is growing them, how they can continue to grow and where you guys are headed in your development. Usually this is a great encouragement to your disciple. 


A Discipleship Plan

1. Set clear expectations and learn about each other, extended time of prayer

2. Begin to set the framework. Learn about each other. Share your testimony 

3. Dwell on The Gospel (See resource page)

4. Hang out, Character, Testimony training

5. Discuss how you desire to minister and neighbor in your community.  

6. Narrow the focus of training. What will you focus on in the next year? Make a list and walk through the plan with you disciple.

7. Extended Prayer, Theology

8. Spend time discussing character i.e. passivity, pride etc

9. Hang out and have some fun

10. Extended Prayer, Ministry

11. Relationship, Theology

12. Character, Theology, Ministry

13. Ministry, Theology

14. Relationship, Theology (Review)

15. Theology, Character, Relationship

16. Vision Time

17. Hang out and have some fun

18. Ministry (interactive), Extended Prayer

19. Character, Theology

20. Relationship, Character, Theology

21. Theology (Review)

22. Character, Extended Prayer

23. Relationship, Ministry 

24. Theology, Character

25. Hang Out and have some fun

26. Theology , Character

27. Theology, Relationship

28. Ministry, Extended Prayer

29. Relationship, Character

30. Theology, Extended Prayer, Character