Back After The Fast

Eric Russ

As you might have realized, I have been writing with less consistency for the last few weeks. I have been trying to focus more on the community in which I am serving and the fast that I have been in the midst of. Hopefully, I will have valuable entries for you once I end my fast which will be April 13th. Please keep me in prayer as the Lord reminds you. Here are some prayer requests that you can join with me in praying. 


1. Pray that Jesus would break the strongholds in our community and in my life for His honor.

2. Pray that my contentment and joy may by consistently found in Christ.

3. Pray the Lord raises up indigenous people to be and make disciples in our community.

4. Pray the Lord would continue to bring upwardly mobile neighbors to move into the hood for His glory.


Thanks for praying for us.