Location and Christian Service

I think it is safe to say that every person in our body who has moved into the community has given up a lot of worldly comforts. In fact, I am quite convinced that if it wasn't for the Holy Spirit and my wife, my secret idol would be wealth and I would be ministering to very wealthy people and showing you theologically why there is nothing wrong with that. To be clear, there is nothing wrong with ministering to wealthy people.

Back After The Fast

As you might have realized, I have been writing with less consistency for the last few weeks. I have been trying to focus more on the community in which I am serving and the fast that I have been in the midst of. Hopefully, I will have valuable entries for you once I end my fast which will be April 13th. Please keep me in prayer as the Lord reminds you. Here are some prayer requests that you can join with me in praying. 


1. Pray that Jesus would break the strongholds in our community and in my life for His honor.

"Will You Forgive Me?" Is Not Semantics

I think it seems fair to say that for some reason we have taken cues from the world that authentic, unhindered community is not only unrealistic, but not that important. I have come across very Godly and mature believers that are confused on this important matter of community. We must get back to making this essential as we disciple others. Please don't fudge on this but instead teach this truth and more importantly, model this truth.  

What's Your Goal?

Have you lost sight behind why you don't sin? Are you teaching others unintentionally the wrong motivation behind holiness?

Fasting With Your Disciples

I am on the 7th day of a forty day fast and it has been very rich spiritually. I wanted to give you a heads up that teaching the spiritual discipline of fasting with you disciples is an absolute must as you mature them in Christ. It is great for their growth in Christ. In addition, the Lord uses fasting with disciples to build a close bond with them.

Hopefully, these are some helpful tips to consider when you cast vision to fast with your disciple:

A Healthy Self Assessment

In discipleship, there can be two extreme reactions to the evidence of God's grace. Review the two questions below. How do you assess yourself?

Before discipling others, are you willing to embody what you want to make a reality in someone else? Sadly, some people want to influence others because they are running away from their own inner demons. We can be quick to try to put the world right to compensate because we are not yielding to the Holy Spirit so that he might put us right. 

Have Some Fun Together

In the past, I thought the relationship would happen as I consistently trained the person I am discipling. Now, I think that is partially true based on the personality of your disciple. Some people don't need as much personal hang out time. However, it seems that all of us need some personal hangout time. Please be just as intentional with scheduling pauses within your time to hang out just as you are about evangelism.

Missional Game Plan (An Example)

Hopefully, you are convinced that planning is important when cultivating a heart to make Christ known (see discussion in last blog). So, what steps do you take in making a plan? Below are a few things you might want to include when planning how to minister on your block or when training others how to minister. 

First: Learn and Commit
Learn your culture. Engaging college students will be very different than serving in the inner city.
Love your community and be invested in it.  Ask God to teach you to love where he has you.

Missional Game Plan

The DNA of our local body is one where being missional is not optional but expected. By God's grace, people come with or develop hearts that realize they have been saved by grace and are now commissioned to be God's missionaries to the world. I can't say enough about how committed and passionate our body is to making Christ known in our community. So, why is it so hard to consistently meet our neighbors? Why is it so hard to be an influence in the community? Why is it so easy to find ourselves going weeks and maybe even months without engaging the community we desire to serve?

Why Don't We Journey?

Why don't we reeaaaallllly journey with people in discipleship?