Blogging in my own skin

Eric Russ

I needed to take some time off for a little while and really wrestle with why I thought it was beneficial to fight for holistic discipleship through this blog. I had to wrestle with why I thought another blog post was beneficial to the covenant community. I had to wrestle with why I so badly wanted my blog entries to read flawless and I wanted to be seen as a good writer. 

It’s taken a lot of failure but I realize I can’t walk with Christ, pursue my wife and kids, lead our local body and type up bomb, flawless blog entries. Something has to give and it will be the perfect blogs. I am not trying to get out of doing things in a total quality manner, I am just trying to break free from seeking validation. My future entries wont be flawless but I will try to be gospel centered, real, gracious, balanced, honest, clear, hopefully practical and culturally relevant. 

We will start back Tuesday January 10th. My prayer is that you will be extremely encouraged and equipped to be and make disciples.